Tshin Qi Ren

1) What are the three key things you have learned from this service learning project?
This service learning project had taught me many things, firstly, I learnt that doing this project, the beneficiary is not only them but also me. I have learnt many things that cannot be taught in class and had to go out to the world to explore to understand it. Secondly, I learnt to become more patient. These children are often rather slow at understand the concept if taught too fast. Additionally, nobody can instantly memorize these concept. I've understood some pain of the teacher when it comes to teaching, where they have to be really patient to be able to teach the student well. Last but not least, I've learnt how to become more interesting. Most of the time during the interaction with the children, I must be more interesting in order to attract their attention and keep them focused on the work and me teaching them.

2) What are the two challenges you faced during this service learning project?
Teaching the children and remembering the correct method to teach was an especially hard thing to do. Especially since it had been 3-4 years since I took my PSLE exam and have lost plenty of the more simple version of solving problems, especially maths as they have not learn algebra yet.
Bonding with the children and making it less like a tuition centre was also a challenging task as it was not easy to bond with the children in such a short time and the purpose of the centre was indeed to help improve the student's results thus there seem to be a problem with making ALL the students see it as a non-tuition centre. However, some people were able to see it and came regularly. While the others who could not, didn't come regularly and even to the extend of not coming to the centre.

3) If you were to do this project again, what are the two things you would do differently?
I would hoep to start tutoring from younger children and follow through the project, teaching that 1-2 children. This would allow me to be able to focus and put in more effort on these 1-2 children, allowing them to be able to get better results in the later part and allowing me to give them a strong foundation which is very much needed.
I would create charts or make notes for the children (maths notes, science, english) to allow the children to be able to understand concepts better. Hopefully, the more these children are exposed to these notes, they are able to understand and perform better for their exam as this method worked for me.

4) How would you assess the success of this project?
It would depend if we actually made an impact on the children that we taught. If we actually changed their lives, even if it is a little bit, with our new presence. If we managed to change their life positively and help impact them for a better future, the project would be a success. For this case, the project, I personally think, is rather successful as we were there regularly teaching the student, impacting their lives, teaching them new knowledge every time they see us. They were also more keen on attending club and so were we. Thus, we have not only managed to impact their lives positively but also helped them improve their academic results, deeming this project successful to me. 

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