Ho Jun Hui

1) What are the three key things you have learned from this service learning project?

From this service learning project I have learn that to be able to do this service learning project, one must be committed and caring. If one does not have the will to do it, and instead does it for the CIP points, there will be no meaning in doing this project. Being able to care and be of service to people who need the help greatly warms my heart.
Secondly, this service learning project has also taught me how to be more patient and understanding. When I was teaching the children, I learnt that everyone’s speed of learning was different and that we must be able to cater to their needs. Being able to understand what the children needed and being able to help them allowed me to achieve a sense of fulfillment. While teaching the children, they taught me how to be more patient as many of them were not able to understand the question at the first try. However, as I taught them how to do the questions, the smiles they got when they understood the questions also allowed me to realise that this was not just me teaching them, but also them teaching me.
Last but not least, this service learning project has also taught me how to communicate better. Not just communication between the volunteers when we planned events like the origami and chemistry lessons, but also communication with the children. Many of the children in the beginning could not understand us as we sometimes used complicated terms, and many of us could not understand what was so difficult to them when it seemed simple to us. But as time went on, we learnt to communicate more effectively and were able to help the children more. 

2) What are the two challenges you faced during this service learning project?

One of the challenges was that the children were quite awkward with me, and would generally prefer other volunteers.

The other challenge was during the origami and chemistry lesson where the plan did not go as smooth as we expected due to the low turnout. It was still a meaningful learning experience though.

3) If you were to do this project again, what are the two things you would do differently?

If I were to do this project again, I would have liked to spend more time with the children, as 2 hours a week seemed quite little and sometimes when other issues cropped up I was unable to make it.

Also, I would have liked to have the chance to organise more fun activities with the children as they seemed to have enjoyed the origami and chemistry lesson.

4) How would you assess the success of this project?

I would rate the success of the project 8 out of a 10, as all of us have benefitted greatly from this and we were able to serve and give back to the society. Seeing as everyone would still like to continue serving as volunteers in the future, this project is successful.

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