Fatin Zafirah

1) What are the three key things you have learned from this service learning project?

I have learnt to communicate better through the weekly lessons at TYA. Most of the children that I have tutored are from the lower primary thus they might not understand fully what I was trying to explain to them. Therefore, it made me realize that I should think through what I am going to say before I say it. Thus, I feel that my communication skills has improved.

I have learnt to be more patient through the weekly lessons at TYA. From example, although after I have explained to a child how to approach a question, he/she might not have understood my explanation. Therefore, I have to be patient and try my best to explain many times until the child has fully understood. Apart from that, the children are also hyperactive. Therefore, I have to be patient with them when I am trying to get them to do their assigned work.

Lastly, I have learnt to be more well prepared through the chemistry and origami lesson at Pioneer Primary. I feel that since we were going to carry out a lesson for children, we should be well aware of the itinerary so that we would not disappoint the children. Therefore, we had a few meetings before the actual lesson to ensure that we all knew what was going to be carried out. On top of that, we prepared some backup lessons in an event there was extra time. This ensured that we would not be lost if there was extra time.

2) What are the two challenges you faced during this service learning project?

During the weekly lessons at TYA, I found it difficult to ensure that the child that I was teaching for that week understood what I was trying to explain. Most of them would keep quiet and not ask questions. Thus, I did not know if they understood or they were too afraid to ask questions.

During the weekly lessons at TYA, I found it challenging to teach children. I was not sure how to explain to them how to do a question as teaching and doing the question are two different things.

3) If you were to do this project again, what are the two things you would do differently?

I would try to get to know the children better. Apart from just helping them with their work, I should go beyond that and bond with child.

I would have tried to help all the children at TYA. Often, I would teach the same child as I felt comfortable teaching her. However, I should have gone out of my comfort zone to ensure that I had a chance to know all of the children.

4) How would you assess the success of this project?

From a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this project an 8 for the weekly lessons at TYA. I feel that the children actually gain new skills or knowledge every time they come for TYA. Although it might be minute, I feel that this project has impacted the lives of the children. Even though they may struggle through some of the their work, in the end, they are able to complete it. For me, their completion of their work shows that it is a success.

From a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the chemistry and origami lesson an 8. I feel that although they might not fully understand the science behind the 'Water into Wine, Milk and Beer' experiment, they were still amused and entertained by the 'magic'. I was able to see the children enjoying themselves when they were playing with the instant 'snow' and magic 'sand' as well as learning the origami and the plane flying competition.

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