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Project Carebear

Our team consists of 10 Secondary 3 students from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. The goals for this project include making a positive impact on the younger generation’s lives, learning to communicate with the young, having exposure to real world situations and contributing back to the community. 

Members :
  • Denise Lim
  • Fatin Zafirah
  • Serene Fong
  • Norullayaley
  • Helene Tan
  • Millie Thng
  • Ho Jun Hui
  • Isaac Kua
  • Mitchel Goh
  • Tshin Qi Ren
Roles & Responsibilities :
  • Photographer/Videographer : Record and take photos/videos throughout our project and come up with reflection questions for the group [Norullayaley, Ho Jun Hui]
  • Treasurer : Collect funds, organise and carry out fundraising activities [Fatin Zafirah, Serene Fong, Mitchel Goh]
  • Secretary : Liaise with organizations, complete proposal, and carry out administrative tasks such as coming out with the itinerary/programs and allocate manpower when necessary, take attendance during meetings [Denise Lim, Millie Thng]
  • Logistics : Prepare logistics and materials needed for the project, carry out activities on-site [Helene Tan, Isaac Kua, Tshin Qi Ren]
Teacher-Mentor : Ms Alice Lim

Initial Research
We first gathered in January 2012 to discuss about the project. We had many target audiences in mind, such as the elderly, the young/youths and the disabled. Eventually we decided we want to serve the young because as youths ourselves, we will hopefully be able to communicate better with other youths. This way, we will relate to them better. Hopefully, we can help them by being a friend; someone who can help them with studies, support them emotionally, as well as impart skills that they might not be able to learn otherwise. At the same time, we approached our school teacher, Ms Alice Lim, to be our Teacher-Mentor for this project as she is friendly and experienced, and she agreed.

We started researching about possible opportunities for us to carry out the project. Ideas ranged from tutoring orphans to having awareness campaigns.

We decided to contact Infant Jesus Centre as it appeared less developed and known than other sources and we hope to be of help to them. 

Ideas, goals and initial contact
We contacted Infant Jesus Center via email and proposed to carry out a series of activities for the children such as :
  •  tutoring them and helping them with their homework
  •  teaching them the basics of guitar
  •  putting up skits linked with character development
  • teach them some life skills such as cooking and sewing
  • have sport games with them
The main aim is to not only aid them academically, but also teach them skills and positive mindsets that will stay with them as they grow up.

After a series of email messages, we headed down to the center to find out more about the children as well as for discussion with the contact person from the center. 

Problems encountered

The center informed us that they did not require much manpower and so we were back to square one. We then contacted Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home, however we were informed that all volunteers had to be 16 years old and above, which we were not. We then realised that many centers in our initial research had age requirements that we did not meet too. In addition, 2 of our members pulled out from the project, leaving with only the 10 of us. With these problems that we encountered, our project was stalled for a month.

Third contact 
In May 2012, our Teacher-Mentor, Ms Alice Lim, helped us to locate another organisation, TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA). Under her guidance, we managed to contact the adult in charge and begun serving weekly at various centers. We help other volunteers run a variety of activities for the children, such as tuition, mentoring and indoor & outdoor games. These children are aged 6 to 12 and are primarily from low-income or single-parent families. 

After 5 months of service at TYA, we decided to do something more for the children and the center. We gathered to discuss about any problems encountered during our service at TYA. We noticed that the children are not very interested in doing tuition work and certain centers have quite limited amount of volunteers. As such, we decided to run a series of interactive learning activities for the children as well as help TYA recruit volunteers from our school. We submitted a proposal to a contact person.

Due to concerns over the safety of fire and financial costs, the activities Magic Tricks and Origami were chosen. The Magic Trick performance aims to entertain the children and allow them to gain basic conceptual understanding of chemistry, so as to build onto their foundation of chemistry in secondary school should they take the subject. Children will be able to play with experiments such as magic sand and instant snow. The Origami activity aims to entertain the children and allow them to learn simple paper-folding skills for them to play with at home. We also set up a blog for recruitment.

The original planned execution date was 17th November but was pushed back due to unforeseen circumstances.


We split ourselves into 3 groups to prepare the lesson plans : 1 for Magic Tricks, 1 for Origami and 1 for a backup plan in case our activities end earlier than expected.

We contacted our school's chemistry teacher, Dr Christopher Slatter, for advice on the magic show. We ran through the experiments and made sure that the children will only come into contact with safe chemicals. We then manage to obtain the apparatus and chemicals with the help of our laboratory manager, Ms Su Ya Hui.

Afterwards, we ran through the steps for origami so as to familiarise ourselves to guide the children on the actual day. 

We then prepared slides and worksheets followed by a demo lesson, whereby Ms Lim gave suggestions and feedback and we refined the flow of the activities. 


On December 1st 2012, we went to Pioneer Primary School and carried out the activities. 

Magic Show

Water into Wine, Milk and Beer

Magic Sand

Instant Snow


Collapsible Cube

Plane-making Competition
Getting ready
Shortest-distance traveled paper plane gets eliminated each round
The last two standing!


In January 2013, we started recruiting juniors to continue this project and to supply manpower for TYA. We set up a blog (sst-tya.tumblr.com) for our school juniors to find out more about the project as well as a form for them to sign up.

A total of 9 Secondary 3 juniors signed up and we had a briefing on 8th March 2013.

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